konnichiwa *bow*

hehe... i did not post anything on this site did i?  i'm sorry, i kind of busy since
 this semester begin ...

so, how are you?

i hope everyone is okay and strong to face any challenges and obstacles in your lives... if you're not strong for yourself, then... you have to be strong for the one you love ^^ ...

Love is a beautiful thing, don't you think? if one is weak, this person will become strong because of love... love is a strong emotion, and for whom who had or still experiencing love...will come to understand why i said that love is a strong emotion.

now, for example... did you know that a mother, willing to run a long distance just because she want find some water for her son? she did not care the thirst or the tiredness from the running, as long as she can find her son, some water. i admire her for that...well, what i just wrote is one of example of love...

so, what is your definition of love?
p/s: i'm not saying that you should answer me by writing your answer in comment box, i just want you to answer this question to yourself..hehe ;)

that is all i can manage for today ^^
thank you for visiting my humble blog :)
if there is something which is lacking, i apologize for that *bow*


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