Anyone interested in playing guitar but do not know how to play it right? So here's the thing...

                               ' Jamorama Complementary Lessons

There will be 10 lessons and assembled JamEdge Newsletter that have been gathered will give you the benefit you need to Guitar Mastery.

The complementary Kit include:-

- 10 High Quality Video lessons for beginner that teach you step-by-step on how to play some of the most
   impressive skills on guitar.

- Weekly Newsletter packed with Latest Gear reviews so that you will have the knowledge on what to buy
   when you are choosing/ selecting your next guitar.

- ' How To' Articles that give you insider guitar knowledge so you will have advantage over other guitarists.

- Inspirational videos which will keep you motivated and on track with your learning

The outcome of this course will be :

- become more accurate
- better sounder player
- confidence to call yourself a guitarist
- perhaps, can perform and show off your skills in front of your audience ( family, friends and others )

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