Assalamualaikum n good morning~

It's been a while since i last update right?
Actually i said to one of my friends that i'll try to update yesterday but i did not.. Sis~ i'm sorry >.<

Kay.. To be honest, i don't have any idea to write. So, for today update, i just write about my past experience doing explorace..

Well..this explorace is part of uitm's student modul and it is essential for student to take part in it..

Straight to the story...

Last saturday (14/12/2013)
Most of the uitm's student part 4 were divided into 18 groups and i was in group 14 with 31 members (male+female). There were 7 checkpoints ( catching frog/eel, seperating beans/rice, cooking, obstacles and etc)..

When doing the explorace, the experience i can't forget is holding the eel. We were given a choice whether to hold frog or eel.. I pick the frog first because the frog was smaller than the eel.. When our group was about to go in, the faciliator said that those who chose frog will have to hold eel and likewise..

With determination not to slow my group members, i couch lower and tried to hold the eel but the feeling i got when it brushes my skin, i can't help it but shiver because the eel looks like a snake and it's body is slimmy.. I harden my resolve and held it and took it to the basin but along the way, the eel keep falling from my grip. The facilitator said " if the eel fall, you have to pick it up until you release it into the basin. Even after i release the eel, i kept feeling the way the eel moved in my grip. >.< i never want to hold the eel again!!!

I'll skip till the end.. After passing through 6 checkpoints, we finally got to the last checkpoint and it was obstacles checkpoints. In total of 31 members, we have to finish the 3 obstacles in less than 10 minutes.. The first obstacles, we have to climb 6 feet wall and then go through a tarzan like rope with water down below it and lastly, crawling under wires like military and assemble in 3-3 manner.

Our clothes were wet and dirty with dirt plastered on our shirt..overall, it's kind of fun doing these activities sometimes with friends :)

The end /grin/
Sorry if this update is boring but i still hope you enjoy reading it :)