hello guys :) it's been a while since i last update something... i'm busy with many things TT_TT,
i hope everyone is in good condition as i am also good :) but a little bit tired.

i want to tell you about what happened in my interview (actually the interview is part of my assignment)..
when i found out that the interviewer will be my own advisor i was, my lecturer said that we have to do it seriously when the advisor interviewed us ...i am the last interviewee .

i have to prepare for the mock job interview so, i searched on the net and took some note so that i can practice later on. Soon, the day of the interview came and i thought we will be interviewed one by one but i was wrong. The first group that will be interviewed were 5 people and the second one also 5 and the last one will be 2, since the other 3 cannot make it because they had something to do. But then again, i was wrong...
because the other 3 cannot make it, we have to join the second group.

The interviewer greeted us and asked our names before he wrote on a piece of paper which i assume will be the same paper that he will wrote comments about us. He then, asked us to do " tell me about yourself in simplest way" since he only gave each one of us 30 second to do that. After all of us did that, he commented .. we have to tell him/interviewer our working experience, what we had achieved when we worked at our last job in order to prove ourselves that we are worthy to work at their company.

the interview went as we were asked some question and being commented...
i thought " so, i have to speak like this and when i'm being ask what my weaknesses, don't tell the interviewer...instead, i have to tell him/her my strength"... this is good actually, to be expose with this kind of thing will open our eyes to reality and also our mind.

that would be all from me for now...


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